Here is a success story from a Narconon drug treatment student on the Objectives portion of the program.  Drugs like opiates and methamphetamines tend to introvert a person to the point where they are out of communication with the environment and eventually themselves.  Objectives get a person back in touch with the world and life in general.  Drug Addiction can be combated and this success story is proof.

“Today’s exercise gave new meaning as to why I here at Narconon.  It really showed me what I have been lacking the last eight years.  In the beginning I started to have feeling of improved hand-eye coordination.  As we continued, I could tell my coordination and stability along with my focus was being refreshed.

We continued and my memory started to return!  I have started to remember things from 5, 6 and 7 years ago and also positive things from my childhood.  It feels good to know that these memories haven’t been lost!  These exercises are having a major effect on my life.

It really makes me happy.  I feel healthy and refreshed.”

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