Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon

The last week in October is designated as “Red Ribbon Week”. This is when we all wore our red ribbons to show our support of drug prevention and treatment.

National Red Ribbon Week was started as a tribute to Special Agent Camarena, who was kidnapped and murdered by drug traffickers in the 80s. It is the most far reaching and well-known prevention event in America, with an estimated 80 million Americans participating.

Every year Narconon of Georgia participates in Red Ribbon week in a big way and this year is no exception. This Red Ribbon week Narconon staff will be providing drug education to hundreds of kids, providing information about drug prevention through radio and pamphlets and held a Red Ribbon Week celebration at Narconon on October 29th.

Please join us by wearing a Red Ribbon to affirm your commitment to drug prevention and treatment. Take the time to talk to your neighbors and families about what they can do for Red Ribbon week. You can also learn about Red Ribbon activities local to your area through an online search.

Most importantly, if you know someone who is abusing drugs, talk to them about drug treatment and let us know how we can help.

Red Ribbon week is always the start of a new beginning for many that are leading the of drug addiction. Let’s work together and make some dreams come true.

The Following is one students success story following the detoxification phase of the Narconon Rehab Program.

“Throughout my sauna exercise program I have experienced many major gains in all categories of my being.

Emotionally I have progressed dramatically. I am no longer an angry person, mad at everyone including myself. I have come to terms with how I found myself in this predicament. I no longer blame other for my decision to do certain things that I have done in the past.

I can now comfortably fall asleep at night, where before I couldn’t’ even lay down without getting all worked up to the point I was staying up all night.

When I first arrived at Narconon, I was told that I would go through some amazing changes during my program. I was skeptical at first, but I can really say that amazing changes have happened. Just the gain I have had in recovering my senses has helped me tremendously. When my tunnel vision disappeared, it was an immediate realization that I had finally woken up from my long time drug haze.

When I woke up I started noticing my surroundings with more depth and clarity than I ever have. Everything just “pops” and I notice the finer details. I have even started to hear distinct sounds such as the crickets chirping at night or even a car pulling up. I am also clearer minded. I am not impulsive, but rather can be comfortable and not immediately act on my impulses.”

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    that’s a really good post, red ribbon week went realy well!

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