Lindsay Lohan Drug Addiction

Lindsay Logan Drug Addiction

Recently, the Director of Narconon of Georgia wrote an article about Lindsay Lohan’s drug addiction.  Lindsay has been allowed to continue taking very strong prescription drugs that are prescribed to her and that her father says she is abusing.  Adderall and Dilaudid are very addictive each in their own right.  Adderall  is frequently prescribed for Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder and the Dilaudid is used for pain management and is similar to the prescription drug morphine.

While Lindsay’s father fights to tell the courts what is wrong with his daughter he is met with opposition from her attorneys, media and the judge herself.  The only way Lindsay is going to get help is through the help of a drug treatment facility not jail.  Although her serving time in jail may teach a small lesson her addiction to drugs is still going to be there.


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