Taxes and Addiction

Legal Marijuana

Before Ohio legalizes marijuana, hoping that the taxes will help ease the financial stress that most states are feeling these days, it would behoove them to do a long-term financial study.

The study should include how much abusers of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and prescription medications are costing the state.  Why?  Because marijuana is the gateway drug to abuse of heavier drugs.  Legal or not, the use of marijuana can only lead to more drug addiction and the need for more addiction treatment and incarceration.  The money gained in taxes is likely to be lost down the line. 

“A bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Ohio and allow certified users to grow the plant for personal medical use has been introduced in the state legislature, the Columbus Dispatch reported April 6.

The measure was introduced by Rep. Kenny Yuko and five cosponsors; the Drug Policy Alliance of Ohio helped draft the bill.

A medical-marijuana measure died in the state legislature last year; backers of the Yuko bill said the legislation has significant changes from the failed bill, SB-343.”

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