Signs Of Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction- Cannabis, Marijuana, Hash Abuse

Signs of Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana came to represent love and peace in the 60s and has never quite lost that image but this is far from the truth.

Anyone who uses marijuana regularly is more likely to engage in aggressive and violent behavior, cause trouble at school and destroy property. Violence at a global level is connected with marijuana trafficking. In California, Mexican drug trafficking organizations, with high-powered assault weapons, control the marijuana fields, not peace-loving flower children with their beads.

Criminal groups operating from Mexico promote their version of love and peace through torture, executions and other acts of violence.

Marijuana is not harmless, contrary to common misconception.

The use of marijuana can lead to health, safety, learning and social problems and abuse of other harmful drugs. Marijuana is more potent than it used to be, increasing the problems of marijuana addiction.

Signs of Marijuana Abuse

Look for these signs of marijuana abuse if you suspect someone may be abusing marijuana.

Drug Addict Physical Appearance
  • Irritated, bloodshot, red eyes
  • Dazed or expressionless appearance
  • Dry lips or “cotton mouth”
  • Strong odor of burnt rope or grass on person or clothes
Drug Addict Mannerisms or Behavior
  • Walking around in a daze or euphoric stupor
  • Lack of emotion, “whatever” attitude
  • Staring out into space or at nothing
  • May go into fits of laughter or laugh when there is nothing to laugh about.
  • Putting clothes in wash immediately upon coming home
  • Taking a quick shower before being around other
  • Suddenly very hungry, “munchies”
Drug Addict items around or hidden in the house, bedroom, etc.


Marijuana pipes

  • Rolling papers
  • “Blunt” cigars
  • Bongs
  • Larger bags with leafy residue or seeds in them
  • Small or “designer” pipes

In all instances of substance abuse, watch for a tendency on the part of the abuser to refrain and shun conversation and face-to-face meetings with others. You are watching for behavior that represents a somewhat dramatic change in character from previous experience.

The signs of drug abuse and drug addiction can be and will be explained away by the person using the drugs. If these signs are present, don’t hesitate. Call Narconon Drug Rehab for a free confidential consultation.