Suburban Addiction

Suburban Addiction

If you have been reading in the news lately you will notice the amount of drug busts’ happening closer and closer to home. Drug manufacturing has moved out into the suburbs and rural areas whereas, there was a time one could only find drugs in the urban districts of town. Methamphetamine and marijuana are being manufactured in homes that at one time would be considered “the house next door”. Times are changing, and everyone must educate themselves and become aware of the dangers that drugs impose on someone’s life, family, community and nation; drugs are now affecting your very own survival. Addiction treatment educates not only the one addicted but also the family and friends of the sufferer.

Methamphetamine is manufactured from extremely flammable chemicals and if ingested can lead to death. The risk of explosion involved from making meth would have one think twice about this harmful drug. This is just how powerful addiction is that one would put their lives, and the lives of others, at risk to manufacture and use the drug. When a house is found to have the chemicals used to make methamphetamine, a HASMAT team is dispatched to remove the chemicals and the residue that is left behind. Often times the house is condemned because it is considered a danger to anyone who may approach it. And most often the house will have to be destroyed.

When one thinks of addiction it is normally processed that someone uses drugs. However, addiction takes another turn in that those who manufacture drugs are also addicted to the making and selling of those drugs. Drug rehab will provide services for those who are addicted to the manufacturing and selling of drugs.

If you or a loved one is addicted to the manufacturing or using of drugs, Narconon of Louisiana Drug Education and Rehabilitative services provides an avenue for the one addicted and offers freedom from the cycle of addiction.

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