Methadone and PregnancyThe rate of methadone users that are pregnant are rising. With the increased “no-knowledge” in some Dr’s.  Fact is methadone IS harmful to the fetus.  The infant will go through withdrawals similar to what the mother goes through during withdrawal. In some cases morphine is used in infants to help with the pain of the withdrawal. Of course saying that, the infant has now increased their risk of becoming addicted to another drug later in life.

Another fear of methadone in pregnancy is the child being born early, lung under development and heart problems.  These risks cannot be overlooked.  These may seem small to some Dr’s but this is a realization that I myself went through with the birth of my son.

If you need help to get off medications during pregnancy please call someone today. Don’t start taking methadone without getting ALL the facts and PLEASE don’t just stop taking the methadone after reading this. That is itself can kill your fetus because of the severe withdrawals in the womb.


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  2. In my work as a volunteer at detox clinics I’ve heard horror stories of people’s children being born addicted to methadone. From my own experience on methadone for 6 years I can only imagine what it must feel like being born into this world in acute withdrawal. There are options for being detoxed off of methadone without the months of withdrawal that are worth looking into. If you are thinking about becoming a parent it’s worth checking your options and getting off methadone first.

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