Street Drugs

Street Drugs


Drug Addiction is killing our children


I found out almost a year ago that my step-son from a previous marriage was murdered in a drug related act of anger and jealousy. He got mixed up with the wrong people which many of us do. He was unable to get away. The drug addiction continued to drag him down. He wasn’t your typical drug dealer (although now there aren’t “typical”drug dealers anymore) but more of the boy next door. You would never imagine looking at him that he was either doing or selling drugs. It’s time to wake up. No one is immune to this disease of drug addiction.

J grew up in a broken home but a home filled with all the love a mother and father could possibly give him. He had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. They were all very close. He had a child at a young age but that didn’t stop him from continuing becoming a great father. He and the baby’s mother had recently split but were looking to reconcile. Between the drugs he was doing, the person he was with doing drugs there was an argument that led to death.


From the information I am getting the state in which he was found dead has an un-talked about rule. If you die of anything related to drugs it is investigated but not with the diligence that should been taken. J should have been able to RIP but he is unable because the person accused of the death due to drugs is still out there. Out of the officers mouth “she probably did it, we have no proof”.


It’s sad to see such a promising young man go down the road that J went on. Drugs were suppose to be cool, easy money.  Knowing what we know now he should have been in a drug rehab. If this is a story that you are familiar with or know someone heading down the wrong road STOP THEM! It’s not too late to help them with their drug addiction.

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