Finding A Drug Rehab That Works

There seems to be never-ending pages of drug rehabs on the internet.  This makes looking for a drug rehab that is right for you or your loved on difficult at best.  However finding the right program is the most important part of a successful recovery.

Many drug rehab programs look at addiction as a disease which they believe can never be entirely cured.  This is the popular 12 step approach to drug rehab programs.  It requires that an addict attend meetings for the rest of their lives.

This approach although popular does not have a great success rate.  Some studies report that less than 12% of addicts stay clean for any period of time using this approach.


How does someone find a treatment program that works for their specific needs?  Searching for a drug rehab facility that will solve the addict’s problems depends on quite a few factors.  There is certainly no lack of options.

When searching on the internet, an individual is faced with a seemingly endless number of paths to travel down.  A person looking at drug rehab for a family member might choose a facility that is pleasing to the eye.  Although that is positively an important factor, this certainly does not guarantee that the services provided will suit the addict’s long term need for sobriety.

Family members are best advised to do their research on the competence level of the staff at the specific drug rehab that they have in mind for their loved ones.  A good suggestion is to seek out testimonials from former patients of the drug rehab, or even better to find other people who have had their own family members experience the treatment center’s level of service.

A person looking for help will often find that family testimonials are the best source of encouragement for voyaging in the right direction of an excellent treatment program.  There is much to be said for the family who blissfully recounts the moment they knew that their addicted loved one returned to the person they were before drug rehab.

Depending on the addict’s background, another factor may be to look at programs which offer one-on-one counseling or group counseling.  Some people with a long term substance abuse problem may prefer a drug rehab that does not require them to socialize with many other people, but to rather choose a plan that allows for personalized attention.  On the other hand, the addict may surprise themselves by finding that they are willing to associate and communicate with other patients in the drug rehab who can relate to their life problems.

As a result, a big step has been taken towards a lasting recovery whereby an addict is comfortable to be part of society after they have experienced that human connection in drug rehab on a smaller scale than the outside world.