Deadly Dose

Deadly Dose

This article about the addicted nurse who killed a patient with prescription medications points out two situations that have grown to epidemic proportions in our society.

The first is the fact of an increase of addiction to prescription medication, out numbering the number of persons addicted to heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine combined.  The nurse falls into this category.

The second situation is the unfortunate fact that one of the fastest growing markets of pharmaceuticals is senior citizens.  Often time only their families are aware that the elderly person is losing their mind more quickly than they should be.

There is disaster on all ends of this story, but the only entity that seems to escape the consequences of this world wide problem is the purveyor of the pharmaceuticals – “the silent pusher.”  There is not enough drug addiction treatment available at this time to address the situation.  If we are to carry forward, we must start educating the generation that is growing up now.

“Rachel Baker, 44, a registered nurse, gave Lucy Cox a “massive” overdose of the painkiller tramadol at the Parkfields Residential Care Home in Butleigh, Somerset. Baker, who is thought to have stolen thousands of units of medication from the home, was convicted of Mrs Cox’s manslaughter yesterday.

A jury was told how Baker, who was addicted to painkillers, became “erratic” in her management of medication, stealing drugs and administering the wrong ones. The court heard she may have had “a dsire to control the terminal destiny of some of her residents”.

Baker was originally investigated over the deaths of 12 residents at the privately run home, which resulted in a police inquiry and the exhumation of three bodies. But, some bodies were cremated which destroyed evidence, and those who died had underlying health problems.

Last night, police said they were still “suspicious” about some of the deaths. They added that more residents could have died prematurely had two care assistants, Sarah Barnett and Kathy Slade, not reported their concerns to the regulatory body, the Commission for Social Care Inspection (now the Care Quality Commission).

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