The Narconon program addresses the biochemical, emotional and mental aspects of addiction.  Our clients move through 8 sections of the program.  Each one addresses topics that are imperative to remaining clean.  The Sauna and exercise program helps clients think more clearly, while the remaining sections teach skills that will enhance the ability to stay clean.  Here are some success stories from clients that were written recently.

“This section was great because it taught me a common sense guide to better living.  It is like a life hand book.    I also like it because I was able to share it with some people that are incarcerated.  I know that the book is going to help them immensely.”


“In this section I learned that there are dynamics in life that are important to living a successful life.  If one of your dynamics is out of place, then the rest will fall out, causing your life to turn chaotic.  Being responsible will lead you into the right path an allow you to follow your ethical standards and the morals of the whole group.  The better you follow this recipe, the less trouble you will get into and the greater your life will be in fulfilling your own destiny.”


“When I came to Narconon I was unaware of what I was getting into or how bad my condition actually was.  I went through the discomforts of alcohol withdrawal which I did not expect.  For a while, I had a hard time eating.  Sauna brought my body back to how it was before my drug and alcohol abuse and I finally starting regaining all the weight that I had lost throughout the years.  The Objectives section of the program helped me regain my grasp on the world.  My eyes were really opened, by doing very simple exercises and I learned how to handle various situations that I will encounter when I am out in the world.  Throughout the program I learned ethics as I was taught as a child.  Upon completing these steps, I feel that I am ready and able to live my life to the fullest without going back to my old destructive ways.”

The Narconon program addresses the whole person which is necessary for successful treatment.  Addiction can be complex and so the treatment must be comprehensive and expansive.

Narconon drug rehab has a great success rate and our clients have a lot of fun going through it!

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