Narconon knows there is no happy ending with drugs unless they become absent from life. This article takes an interesting view of Hollywood scandals and how some leading men seem to escape from the teeth of what would ruin the lives of most.  However, the truth is, though their PR may not be damaged, their minds and their bodies are.  Sure, repair of these things can being the moment a person stops using drugs – but why go through all that.  And why put all of us through wondering who the ambulance is going to carry away next?

Hollywood Loves a Happy Ending, But Has Charlie Sheen Gone Too Far?”

“Hollywood scandals are nothing new, but in recent years, an increasing number of celebrities have pushed their luck to the absolute limit with few consequences.

Charlie Sheen is the latest in a long line of celebrities to break down in a very public manner, airing his grievances to anyone who will listen. Yet, despite his multiple arrests, substance abuse problems, domestic violence allegations and a long history of biting the hand that feeds, Charlie Sheen is still commanding the spotlight in Hollywood.

In the past few months alone, Sheen has trashed a pricey hotel room while frightening his porn-star companion enough to call the police on him, admitted to a marathon drug binge, allegedly threatened to kill his estranged wife, spent time in the hospital, lashed out at the creators of his his hit TV show and provided what seems to be irrefutable proof of some kind of mental break. Despite all of this, sources for say that CBS is still trying to mitigate the damage caused by the public feuding between Sheen and Chuck Lorre and are even trying to work out a deal in which Sheen can return to his role on ‘Two and a Half Men.’

Dr. Shanthi Mogali, a New York City addiction psychiatrist, says of the public fascination over Sheen’s behavior, “People are interested in chaotic lives, just like people are interested in reality TV — you can relate to the people, but the problems they’re having are blown out of proportion. You can say to yourself, ‘I may do cocaine or I may drink, but at least I don’t look like that.'”

So what does it take for fans to turn their back on a beloved star?

There are some stars whose scandals have irreputably damaged their careers. While there are still legions of loyal fans who still display their devotion to
Chris Brown (particularly on Twitter), his talent is still overshadowed by his personal life. His name is rarely referred to without some mention of his violence against ex-girlfriend Rihanna”

Narconon creates happy endings every day.  Even these guys can have a happy ending in their own life and perhaps even grab a little public attention.

Narconon drug rehab is a great answer for anyone – leading man or not.

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