Here is one of their successes after the sauna portion of the program….

Before I came to sauna I was lost and in a constant daze.  When I first got there to be honest I thought it was going to be pointless and wasn’t going to help me.  I had no energy and no spirit really.  All I could think about was dope.  After a week or so I could feel the weight of drugs lift and the fog in my head start to lift.  It seemed like everyday I was getting better.  For the longest time I had lost the feeling in my finger tips.  Somehow the sauna brought the feeling back.  I felt better than I ever had and energy and really a lot more hope I had in myself.  Now I am clear minded and I never think about drugs anymore and when I do I don’t want to do them like I used to.  I had a lot of realizations and wins.  I feel great and I look a lot better.  My family can even tell the difference in my voice.  It made a believer out of me and I will recommend the New Life detoxification program as a necessity to anybody who wants to get clean.

Narconon offers sauna detoxification along with real world study so that the student realizes what made them start using drugs and how to live without drugs in their lives.  Drug addiction doesn’t have to be a death sentence, you can survive with help.

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