Narconon Reflection
Narconon Reflection

See Yourself

Here is another Narconon realization for the day.  It is shared with the hopes that others will read it and reach to get some help.  Whether a person has done cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or pot – there is help for them and a new life.

“I see how controlling my body is a very important tool in my life.  Before in my life I would be going down the road in my car and my intentions were good.  But I would let my body take over and before I knew it, I would be in the wrong neighborhood.  It was as if my body took over my thoughts and took total control over my mind.

Now I see how important it is for me to be in control of every part of me.  Today my body is being controlled by me.  I am in the driver’s seat, and I’m driving with happiness.”

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