The Narconon drug treatment program addresses cravings through the Narconon New Life Detoxification program.    It has been found that drug residues tend to get trapped in the fatty tissue and can cause cravings.  Exercise, nutrition and time in the sauna can help get these drug residues out of the body.

Many former addicts report that their cravings are greatly reduced after this program.   Here is a success story:

“I have had great gains from the sauna program. I also lost some things too, but it was things I needed to lose, like anxiety.  I sleep more, I am happier and my activity level is higher.  I am less tired and more willing to participate in activity around me.   This includes doing simple things in life like cooking and cleaning, which I had a hard time with before.

My body feels healthy and my senses and focus have come back.  I have lost the desire to use drugs- I just don’t think about them anymore.  The manifestations of drugs have diminished in my mind and I just don’t glorify them anymore.  I have also lost laziness and apathy and I am more driven.  I feel ready to learn new things with this group to help me be a better person.

I have written a list of things that I want to accomplish before I get out of here and I feel very condiment they will be accomplished.  I came out of sauna the best that I could and I plan on coming out of what I learn on course to give me opportunities I have never seen.

Doing this program is one of the best opportunities of my life.  I am going to be successful.”

Every day we get success stories like this at Narconon.  We also get successes from those who have graduated from the program and are doing well in life.

Narconon drug rehab is the new life program.  Not only do we expect the majority of our students to maintain sobriety, we expect them to be successful in life as well.

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