A Narconon drug treatment student wrote this message for other students and staff, as she reflected over her life this holiday season.

Last holiday season, my life was a mess.  The Easter before, I had shown up to my family’s dinner totally wasted, nodding out over my dinner plate.  As a result, I had officially been uninvited to all future holidays until I decided to clean my life up.  My dad felt bad that nobody else wanted me at Thanksgiving dinner last year, so he came and met me at a restaurant and then we went to see a movie.   I had plans to go to another dinner with another friend, but I also needed to score some dope.    I only spent a little time with my friend after getting the heroin.  I wanted to be alone in my own bathroom with my quarter ounce.

A lot has changed since then, I am no longer a slave to drug addiction.  I have been at Narconon for four months.  I haven’t been strung out and every day I wake up happy and healthy.  I’m not dope sick anymore.  I feel better than I ever have since I started using drugs.  I talk to my family all the time and they are happy that I am doing so well and am healthy.

Spending the holidays at Narconon is going to be awesome.  I look forward to spending my time with friends that I have made here.  They are also grateful that they are sober and healthy and everything we do as a group is fantastic.

I look forward to the many happy holidays that I will be spending with my family and friends in the future, because I spend this time at Narconon drug treatment.


  1. Reza says:

    this is a great success story, and a true testament to what narconon is all about!

  2. Belenda Bauman says:

    May God Bless You!!!!

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