This success story is written by a Narconon student who came to drug treatment as an opiate abuser. Drug Addiction took over his life.  Heroin and Oxycontin had him introverted and out of touch with the world.

Now through objectives he is in communication with himself and the world.

“Today on this exercise I feel I have gained more control over my body and my brain-body coordination is better.  Using drugs had dulled my senses and often time I would feel out of touch and out of control.  I have already noticed better reflexes and better control over my movement.

When throwing a football, for example I have noticed certain points in my motion that I had forgotten about that I am able to critique.  After high school when I started using drugs, I would throw and I was convinced I had lost my abilities.  But now I am remembering things from former coaches as early as freshman year.

I am also noticing the feel of things I touch more – like the surfaces and softness or hardness of objects.  I am excited to see all the other way in which my brain and body communication will improve the quality of my life.  This has been awesome. “


  1. Ray says:

    Wow! really great win on this story!

  2. Reza says:

    That is awesome!

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