Persons on drugs tend to become introverted.  The Narconon program has a step called Objectives that extroverts former drug addicts, getting them in touch with themselves and the world around them.  Each day our students write successes of what they learned that day on Objectives.  Here is a diary of a woman who came here, hopelessly addicted to heroin.  Now, every day, she is expressing success at breaking the cycle of addiction and getting control of her life.

Day One “While doing the exercise today, I became aware of myself and was more aware of my surroundings.  I became more comfortable and my confidence in myself rose.  I know that this is going to help me be in more control of my future and that I will be more comfortable and confident in my life.”


Day Two  “While in session today I now notice everything that is around me and I am completely comfortable with where I am in life.  I am aware of different objects around me without having to really look to find them.  I just know where they are!  These exercises are making my life better every day.  I not only know what is around me, I have come to learn which of those things around me are good for me.

Since starting the Narconon Objectives, I am also noticing that my reflexes are getting better and my thinking is faster.  My reaction time has been enhanced.  I am also noticing things like shadows, reflections and the way the light hits the room at certain times.   It is amazing to me that I am so in tune to what is happening around me.  I feel truly amazing.”



Day Three  “Today at the Narconon drug rehab and while doing Objectives, that there has always been good and evil in my life.  Before I would pick the bad choices and make bad decisions, because I did not feel worthy of more because my life was in such bad shape.  I have learned that it is actually easy to make the right decisions, if you work your life around good thoughts and good decisions.  Also being around good people helps daily living easier and more satisfying.”

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