Narconon drug addiction treatment center offers drug education, intervention and treatment.  Drug addiction can be overcome, it doesn’t have to be too late and their is always someone standing by to help.

When I came into detox I had been off drugs for about 5 days.  I thought I was done with withdrawing from the harmful toxins that plagued my body but 2 days into it I realized residual chemicals still had an effect on me.  I was irritable, moody and all together not over detoxing my system.  Now my mood has elevated my bad feelings and my irritableness has subsided and I feel I am able to start course work with a positive attitude.

Many people don’t realize that they are actually addicted to a drug or alcohol.  They mask their pain with more medication which is making things worse.  Many times the pain someone is feeling is the pain from not taking a medication not because they are actually “in pain”.

Also many parents don’t see the warning signs of their children taking prescription medications because they are not fully educated on the warning signs of addiction.  Narconon gives the parents and family brochures and guidance to help see the first signs of drug abuse.

Narconon’s sauna detoxification comes after a few days or a week in Orientation.  The sauna detoxification is the root of the entire program.  We use a dry heat sauna and vitamins to help rid the body of harmful toxins that drugs have put into the body.  This techonology has been used on Ground Zero to help with the toxins in the body that was in the air at Ground Zero and in Honduras getting children help that were suffering from huffing glue.

Drug addiction doesn’t have to be the end of your life.  It takes one phone call to get the help and come away from drug abuse forever.  Call Narconon drug rehab today and seek help before it’s too late.

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