Narconon of Georgia New Web-page Gives Information on Signs of Drug Abuse

One common characteristic of parents who send their children to drug rehab is that many of them did not realize the extent of the drug abuse. Many were completely caught off guard until it was almost too late.

Signs of Drug Abuse

Signs of Drug Abuse

“We want to educate people on the signs of drug abuse so that they can be aware of the consequences in people around them,” comments Mary Rieser, Executive Director for Narconon Drug Rehab. “Too many people are completely taken by surprise when their relative finally admits to drug addiction, and often tell us that if they had known the signs of drug abuse they could have prevented a disaster.

“Unfortunately many signs of drug abuse are easily explained away, and many people are taken in by these ‘explanations’. Don’t be fooled! If you suspect someone is using drugs, get them help. Drug addiction can be resolved, and families can be spared the agony of trying to deal with someone addicted to drugs.”

The new page, “Recognize Signs of Drug Abuse”, has been re-vamped to easily see what the signs are and what drug these are caused by.

Included are:

  • Signs of Alcohol Abuse
  • Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Signs of Cocaine Abuse
  • Signs of Methamphetamine Abuse
  • Signs of Opiate (Heroin. OxyContin, Percocet) Abuse,
  • Signs of Marijuana Abuse
  • Signs of Hallucinogen (LSD, Mushroom) Abuse

“Prevention is key in dealing with drug abuse and drug prevention,” comments Ms. Rieser. “We feel the more people know about drugs and can get the help they need many lives can be saved.”

For more information on drug addiction rehabdrug abuse, or drug education, call Narconon Drug Rehab of Louisiana at (877) 905-5772.

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