Nicole Graduate Success

Meet Nicole, our graduate of the month.

Nicole arrived at Narconon of Georgia 4 months ago in November of 2009.  Nicole grew up in a perfect family, until drugs came onto the scene.  Facing prison time, Nicole wanted to turn her life around this is when she found Narconon of Georgia.


Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri.  I grew up with both of my parents until their divorce.  I did not grow up around drugs.  Even though my parents divorced, we continued to have a strong family foundation.

When did you first start using drugs?

I was 17 years old when I started snorting cocaine.  I was hanging around other kids who were using and I felt the pressure to do so as well.  I was able to graduate high school, however the drug use continued.  I was injured while playing women’s professional football which prompted my prescription drug abuse to Lortab; I was taking 40- 10mg Loratabs daily.  My drug use escalated to crack and eventually methamphetamine.

What areas of your life were affected?

Because of my drug use, I lost my business; I lost jobs, family and friends.  The legal issues began to mount up.  I spent 4 months in jail and was facing prison time.  Coming to Narconon of Georgia changed everything in my life.


Describe you experience with Narconon?

My life has changed.  I was scared when I first arrived but, excited about the potential of living life clean and sober.  I feel great.  After the sauna program, I felt younger, brighter and alive.  I was able to notice life around me.  Book 5, Up’s and Down’s in Life Course, helped me realize who I am.  I was taken from an introverted state where drug use had taken me, to an extroverted state.  I have learned what people are good for me and those who are bad.

I do not have drug cravings anymore.  I want everyone to experience this new life that I am now living.

How is your life now?

I feel better than I have even since before I started using drugs.  I love life now.  Life is how I always pictured it was supposed to be—-perfect.  I have begun the rebuilding of trust in a relationship with my parents; I am being reunited with my sister after 16 years; and my personal relationship is growing.

What would you say to others who are thinking about drug rehab?

I want them to understand that they must want to have a new life without drugs.  I want them to want to be at drug rehab.  They have to want it first and foremost.  Narconon was the first decision that I had on my own to start and complete something.  I want others to want the same thing.  You have to be ready for the change.  It’s not easy but, coming to drug rehab will change your life-it changed mine.


  1. Aaron says:

    Great job girl! Keep your head up and stay strong. It can only get better from here. I think you know what your purpose in life is now…to save others who can’t save themselves! You have the power now use it.

  2. Gary Williams says:

    Great Job Nick! Congratulations on being named Graduate of the Month. I knew you had in you. Just continue to grow and life will continue to be great. I know that your Dad and Stephanie are very proud of you, as they have every right to be. Now get out there and help some other people to overcome their addictions.

  3. Pam Owens says:

    Nick Me and youre unkle Kevin is so happy and Proud of you can’t wait to see you in May Love and Kiss
    Aunt Pam

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