Drug Education and Prevention a Focus to Keep Communities Drug-Free

Drug education does not normally play a part in spiritual; salvation, yet more and more clergy are finding out that sometimes drug education to parishioners is needed to keep them coming back to church.

Gordy Weinand

Gordy Weinand

“Many clergy from denominations of churches have come to us for drug education,” comments Mary Rieser, Executive Director for Narconon Drug Rehab of Georgia. “Many find that if they do not help in keeping younger parishioners from drug abuse, they often stop coming to church.”

Narconon of Georgia, a long term drug treatment center, announced its commitment of continued support for the worthy causes of the local Methodist Church, Catholic Church, Concerned Black Clergy, and Baptist Church in the upcoming year,

“The only way we will combat the rising tide of gang violence, drug trade and drug abuse in our communities is by helping our children become educated on what drugs are and how they ruin young lives.” stated Gordy Weinand, Public Relations for Narconon Drug Rehab Georgia. “Without the proper role models and guidance, the future for these children looks bleak.”

Coordinating with the local churches, Narconon Drug Rehab of Georgia, a non-12 step addiction recovery center, has provided drug education, support and mentorship to children across Atlanta. Mary Rieser, executive director of Narconon stated, “This is one business where you would prefer to think that you won’t have a lot of customers in the future.   Every kid we educate now, means one kid that we will not see arriving for drug abuse treatment in the future.”

Ms. Rieser went on to say, “Let’s get real – the war on drugs isn’t working.  As a society we must decide where to put our resources in order to effectively deal with addiction. Education and increased awareness of the drug problem, along with effective drug abuse treatment are the only way we can deal with this problem. We want those who are on drugs to know that there is hope.  For those who are not using drugs, we intend to send the message – ‘Don’t start.  Life is hell for the drug addict.’”

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