Passed Out?

Once again Lindsay Lohan is attracting publicity – not about her upcoming movie, but about her substance abuse difficulties.  In recent years, this kind of  publicity  has overshadowed news about her tremendous talents and accomplishments.

On May 24th Lindsay, already on probation, in Los Angeles, was placed on continuous monitoring through an ankle bracelet, which detects alcohol, and she will be required to submit to random drug testing.  Lindsay reportedly had failed to attend alcohol classes, required after a 2007 DUI and this failure brought her the ankle bracelet ruling. She is now required to attend the alcohol classes weekly.  She was ordered to random drug testing because of reported evidence that she had been under the influence of cocaine.

Judge Revel, obviously short on patience with the starlet, showed little concern that Linsay’s movie shoot in Texas would be delayed next month because of the Court’s restrictions.

Lindsay began her career as a child model and was in her first motion picture, THE PARENT TRAP, at age 11.  Between 2003 and 2005 she met with great success, landing leading roles in major motion pictures and independent films.   Her talent found its way into pop music world and in 2004 she produced the album SPEAK and A LITTLE MORE PERSONAL (RAW) in 2005.

In 2007 an all too familiar celebrity profile began to emerge when Lindsay’s two DUIS and three attempts at drug rehab were spotlighted.   Movie deals were lost and her image changed.  The public becoming intensely interested in her personal life and there was little talk of movies.   Most of the cameras that focused on her were those of the paparazzi.  While there has been some rebound with a guest appearance in a TV series in 2008 and a movie in 2009, there has been an apparent continuous battle with addiction and failed attempts at rehab that have stayed in primetime.

ED Mary Rieser of Narconon of Georgia stated, “It is unfortunate to see anyone with a bright future be so affected by substance abuse.  When it is a celebrity, the bad effects ripple out to the public and the message seems to be ‘If you’re rich and famous, you are likely to become addicted and if you want help there is none because even the expensive rehabs don’t work.’

It is important that people don’t buy what they see on TV. Stable recovery IS achievable for anyone.  An important component is developing and practicing a realistic sense of ethics.  I wish some of these celebrities could be lucky enough to learn what our clients learn here every day at rehab- it is possible to get clean and to be happy.”

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  1. janet says:

    i had several failed attempts at rehab until i came to narconon, i know that sobriety is obtainable.

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