Meet Rezza, a recent Narconon graduate.

Reza Graduate Success

Rezza is a 22 year old Narconon graduate who has decided that he wants to devote his time to helping others get off drugs, due to the miraculous benefits he experienced while at Narconon.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Florida but I was raised in northern Virginia.  I grew up in Fairfax Virginia with my grandparents until I was in the fourth grade.   It was a pretty normal and happy life.  I moved in with my mom and step dad when I was in the fifth grade and I had difficulty adjusting to my new environment, though my mother and step father were supportive.   My life was pretty normal.

When did you first begin abusing drugs?

I tried my first drug when I was fifteen when I smoked opium.  I was soon experimenting with other drugs, like hallucinogens.  I started because I was curious.  I wanted to know how these drugs would make me feel.  I saw other kids using drugs and they seemed to be doing OK.  It was socially acceptable.  I didn’t realize how unhealthy these drugs were or that my friends were actually hurting themselves.

I got addicted to opiates when I was 19.  I started with Oxycontin, but soon learned that heroin was cheaper so I started using it.  The first couple of times I used it, I snorted it.  It started losing its effect so I started to inject the heroin.  As soon as I injected it, I was hooked and my life started to crumble.

I quit going to school and was just hanging out with other people who were doing drugs.  My whole life was centered on getting drugs.  I lost grip and started doing stupid things.  I ended up getting arrested with heroin, opium, hash and cocaine and charged with intent to distribute.  I was in jail for 8 months, got out and immediately started using drugs again.

I kept working, but my salary was not enough to pay for all the drugs I was using.  I was stealing and pawning in addition to using all my money for drugs.  This went on for two years and I was miserable the whole time.   I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t.  I tried NA and court ordered rehab, but neither worked for me, so I kept using drugs.  I lost the trust of my family.

How did you arrive to Narconon?

My mom had a friend whose family member had graduated from the Narconon program and he was still doing well, after several years.  He was working at Narconon of Georgia and called me.  He  told me about Narconon and convinced me to come.  I thought it might work because of the bio-physical aspect of the program that he described.  I arrived here in March of 2010.

How did the Narconon program help?

“I lost my cravings for drugs on the Narconon Sauna and Exercise Program and I regained an appreciation for the simpler things in life.  The program raised my awareness of my physical being and now I really want to take care of myself.  I want others to do the same.  I know now that there is life after drugs.

The life skills taught me how to handle all aspects of life in a rational way, so I did not have to use drugs if I get into a tough situation.  I have the tools to tackle every problem.

What would you want to tell other people who are thinking of coming here?

This place has taught me that I am not a slave to my addiction.  Drug use is a choice.   You have control over your body and your choices.  Nothing in your environment or society will be able to tell you otherwise, once you do the Narconon program.

If you have tried other programs, but are still using drugs, don’t give up.  Come to Narconon and you won’t be disappointed.  Our success rate is real.  If someone as bad off as I was can do it, then anyone can.

Call me personally and I will help you get here.


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  2. diane schwartz says:

    Hi, I did a similar program that (same used for narcanon) for the portion of this program that handles the physically addictive end of drug use more than 20 years ago. I have not used recreational drugs for more than 20 years and have had zero interest or cravings for them. I attribute this entirely to this program and I know that it saved my life. I wholly recommend anyone considering this program to take a look at its workability, high success rate, etc. and evaluate it against other programs (if one is considering another program for themselves or a loved one).

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