Narconon Drug Rehab Offers Advice for a Safe Holiday Season

Holiday Drinking

Holiday Drinking

While many are preparing for the holidays, planning parties, visiting family and friends, one many don’t realize that that extra drink they had may have tragic consequences.

This is a time for merriment, thinking of others, enjoying company. But some thought should also be put in safety, and keeping yourself and others safe.

Narconon of Georgia, a non 12-step long term drug rehab, is working to bring in the Holidays with the lowest incidence of alcohol related traffic accidents on record through a public awareness campaign that has been ongoing throughout the holidays.

Mary Rieser, Executive Director of Narconon Drug Rehab of Georgia, stressed: “Sadly enough, there are some predictions that every year prove to be reliable.  One is that more people are likely to die in alcohol-related traffic crashes during the holidays than on any other day of the year.

“Many people would be better off to bring in the Holidays without the drink and with a resolution to make 2010 alcohol free.  If more knew the facts about alcohol they might opt to watch Dick Clark in the Big Apple, rent a movie or make resolutions for the Holidays that are sensible and not forgotten in the morning because of a bad hangover.

“So we are telling everyone to have a good time this year, but remember a few facts that can protect them and their friends before the party begins.

“Alcohol can affect self control.  It depresses the nervous system and lowers inhibitions. It can cause loss of coordination, poor judgment, slowed reflexes, double vision, loss of memory and possible blackouts, all of which can lead to accidents.

“If there is going to be drinking, make sure there is a designated driver. If you notice anyone at the party slurring their speech or acting inappropriately keep us all safe and help these people to get home safely. Let’s change the predictions this year and make sure that everyone arrives to 2008 alive and well.”

Happy Holidays from Narconon of Georgia Executives and Staff!

Narconon is a non-traditional drug abuse treatment program which was founded in 1967.

Narconon of Georgia was founded in 2001.  While many drug rehab statistics are nebulous, Narconon boasts a 76% success rate (based on a two year follow-up) through a non-12 step drug treatment program.  This program provides body detoxification through a sauna and exercise program that helps eliminate or reduce cravings.  After the sauna program, the client learns those life skills essential to success in life and the ability to stay clean.  They graduate from Narconon with a life plan and continued support to make sure they make it in life.

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