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April is the start of many Spring Breaks as it is the first warming month for many northern areas.  April also is Alcohol Awareness Month.  A fitting tie in for the soon to be inebriated youth that will head for the coastal waters and vacation spots in the coming weeks.

Narconon is a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation and prevention organization situated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Atlanta is also notorious as a college party town with it’s many downtown bars and strip clubs contributing to the attraction.  This month as the many college students celebrate Spring Break,  Narconon is doing their part to raise awareness of alcohol abuse in recognition of April as Alcohol Awareness Month.

The Narconon program has a 44 year history of salvaging people from all walks of life from drug and alcohol abuse. However, far too many of today’s addicts are teens and young adults.  Many however don’t make it to addiction rehab and wind up as one of the 1700 college students ages 18-24 who die each year in alcohol related unintentional injuries according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Narconon encourages parents and loved ones to get familiar with the signs of drug and alcohol abuse and to not hesitate to call one of their counselors if they suspect someone may be struggling with addiction. Binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse and this is often overlooked as just “partying” instead of the recognition that the binge drinker may in fact have an alcohol problem.

Some of the signs of alcohol abuse aside from the obvious “alcohol on the breath” or hangover indicators are:  “Extra-ordinary use of mints, mouthwash or even garlic, Eyes unusually bright, Disinterest in breakfast, Late sleeping, Overall grouchiness throughout the day, and Hidden bottles or cans of alcohol.”


The Narconon program uniquely addresses both the physical and mental aspects of drug or alcohol addiction and in doing so the student addresses the reasons he first started to use drugs or alcohol and handles these factors.


One important aspect of  Narconon’s drug rehab  program is that addicts or alcoholics coming to them for assistance are not looked on as someone suffering from a disease that they will always be struggling with. Instead they are viewed as students who are on the Narconon program to learn new information to help them regain control of their lives. The end result is a Narconon graduate who is successfully living a drug-free life.

During the month of April make a point to look around and be aware of the signs of alcohol abuse and don’t hesitate to call Narconon if you suspect someone may have a problem.


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  2. Bobby says:

    Thank you for making us aware that April is alcohol awareness month. Spring break is coming and unfortunately there will be some tragedies due to alcohol abuse. Education is the only way we can prevent a rise in alcohol related injuries and deaths. Making sure kids are well informed about the dangers of alcohol is so important. More and more colleges are taking notice of the problem of alcohol abuse among their student body and are taking steps to find some solutions to this problem. Thanks again for keeping us informed.

  3. Jennifer Cullinan says:

    Im a crack addict whose lost custody of my four children because of it

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