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Narconon applauds President Obama’s recent show hosted on You Tube.  According to Join Together, Obama addressed the nation’s youth through You Tube, letting them know that he recognizes drug addiction as a problem whose scope extends beyond incarceration, arrests, etc.

Though the President does not seem to be forwarding a particular policy, just the fact that he spoke to youth on their terms and their medium, puts this important topic under the right spotlight.

Now that the president has the attention of youth, perhaps he, more than anyone, can set the idea in place that the real answer to drugs is prevention.  In the 80s, Nancy Reagan made a difference.  Her just say “NO” campaign rang throughout the nation.  Although, later the campaign was touted as ineffective, the truth is, that there is a gap – not as many people arrive to rehab who started drugs in the 80s as other decades.  There are the baby boomers and the kids who started in the 90s and 2000s – but really not too many in the 80s.  Here is the article

“In a show hosted on YouTube, President Barack Obama said he saw drug abuse as a public health problem and that it should be treated as one, though he does not favor legalization, Reuters reported Jan. 27

Obama told an online audience that it was “entirely legitimate” to question whether the United States’ “war on drugs” was working. He said he was a “strong believer” in looking at drug abuse as a public health issue.

“On drugs, I think a lot of times we’ve been so focused on arrests, incarceration, interdiction, that we don’t spend as much time thinking about how do we shrink demand,” he said.

“In some cities, for example, it may take six months for you to get into a drug treatment program. Well, if you are trying to kick a habit and somebody says to you, come back in six months, that’s pretty discouraging.””

At Narconon we hope that this can be the beginning of a new era – just as there was during the Reagan administration.  The drug free future of America can begin right now.

Though Narconon drug rehab will be there for those who need it, we hope that the next generation learns at some point that drugs are not the answer for everything.

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