Narconon joined other voices about the epidemic of prescription drug abuse on Fox 5 news, Good Day Atlanta.    With an ever increasing availability of prescription drugs in Georgia, the amount of abuse and addiction is escalating.  The situation is insidious as the purveyors of the drugs of addiction are no longer dealers on the street – they are doctors.    The drugs are so easily legally obtained that anyone from any walk of life could be addicted – housewives, business owners, athletes etc.

Georgia Faces Growing Prescription Drug Abuse Problem:

Narconon sent the message that this problem can happen to anyone.

John Paul, former wrestler, underscored the fact with the story about his own life.  John had played pro hockey for a brief period, was an airline pilot and added wrestling to the list of accomplishments.    It was the injuries from the wrestling that got him involved into prescription drugs.  Off camera, John described a situation where he couldn’t even go into the ring without being shot up with 100 mg of Demerol.  The abuse escalated, as he needed more and more drugs to beat the pain caused by a profession that required getting pounced on at least 300 days a week.   He stated it is a problem that almost the entire profession of wrestlers has.

Years of taking pain killers turned into an addiction that required large amounts of opiates to even maintain.   Now, he wants the world to know that this didn’t have to happen to him and it doesn’t have to happen to anyone else.    For those who find themselves in the throes of addiction – they can beat the rap and get into treatment.

Off camera, John stressed the point that it took someone who really cared for him to say NO.  He described how his girlfriend, with her tough love approach put her foot down and insisted that he get treatment.  Were it not for her, he never would have arrived to Narconon for the drug free treatment that he is receiving.

Many aren’t as lucky as John.  Some are hiding in the shadows, going to get their medication when their families aren’t looking.  Some fool themselves that they can stop whenever they want, but deep inside they know there is a problem.

Narconon will continue to get the word out about this epidemic and the cause of it.

For those who watched the show and know that they need help – Narconon drug rehab staff are only a call away.

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  1. Terence says:

    This is awesome! This program saved one of my family members! Its good to know there is help out there.

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