Narconon sees the fall-out from prescription drug addiction every day as a greater percentage of admissions are from their abuse.  The ones who arrive for treatment are the lucky ones – they are still alive.  Many don’t make it and according to this article in Join Together, seven people a day are dying in Florida from overdose.

Even with these appalling statistics, the Florida governor is refusing to reinstate a drug monitoring data base.  This system would help track down doctor shoppers and therefore save lives.  One can only imagine why an elected official would deny this life saving monitoring system to Florida citizens.  His stated reasons appear spurious.  Here is the article:

“Gil Kerlikowske, the White House ‘drug czar,’ urged Fla. governor Rick Scott to reinstate a prescription drug-monitoring database he axed in this year’s state budget, The Associated Press reported Feb. 23. The governor refused, even as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and local law enforcement announced raids on multiple pain clinics in south Florida.

As Join Together reported Feb. 18, “pill mills” are pain clinics that sell pain medications to people shopping for narcotics. Pill mill databases — which allow pharmacists and law enforcement officials to keep track of prescriptions — have been established in 42 states to prevent “doctor shopping” and to quickly identify doctors who are passing out prescription medication illegally.

Kerlikowske was in Kentucky at the invitation of Republican state senator Mitch McConnell, who is concerned about the impact of drug abuse on the state budget. Kentucky officials — along with officials from West Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio — have all said that residents from their states travel to Florida to obtain prescription pain medications illegally.”

Narconon continues to work with local doctors, in order to gain more understanding of the difficulties of multi drug abuse, in order to give the best treatment possible of its victims.   Successful treatment includes a sound relapse prevention program, as there are drugs readily available after graduation from treatment.

Narconon drug rehab is a sound solution for those who are addicted to prescription drugs.  Effective drug education is the best solution to make sure that the next generation is alive and aware enough to keep our society going.

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