Powerful Opiate

Powerful Opiates

Norfolk, like the rest of the country, has drug abuse problems.  Opiate abuse is rising.  Same story – different city.  However, Norfolk District Attorney is is taking a new approach – education through cable television.  He wants to include parents in the education process, which is exactly the right thing to do.  Studies show that parents do have an effect on their kids when it comes to drug abuse.  Some of them just don’t know what to say – they don’t know enough about the problem to realistically talk to their kids about it.

The television shows are a good start.   Extending the education into the schools and churches is a must also.  The voice of education has to be louder than the influences that are causing are kids to get caught up with drugs in the first place.  Here is the article:

Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey will launch a series of cable access shows that discuss drug abuse and how parents can talk with their kids about opiate use.

“The primary focus of our office has to be aggressively prosecuting crimes committed in our communities. But a small investment in education can lead to preventing many senseless crimes that not only cause a great deal of suffering, but are very costly to the taxpayers,” Morrissey said.

The shows will discuss consequences of drug use, bad teenage decision making, and other societal issues aimed to educate parents and the general public.

Morrissey’s first show discusses prescription drug abuse of medications like Oxycontin. Opiate overdose deaths are the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., according to the D.A.

“Parents are key to stopping this from consuming their children, but parents need information to be effective,” he said in a statement.

Morrissey’s first half-hour seminar features three speakers with different expertise: Harvard Medical School professor and Massachusetts General Hospital Dr. John Kelly; North Quincy High School nurse Kristen Houlihan; and Lyn Frano, an anti-opiate advocate.

“Prosecuting drug trafficking after those drugs have ruined lives, or taken lives, is important, but it is not the only answer,” Morrissey said. “Our communities need to fight opiate addiction before it consumes the next generation, and parents taking advantage of the education and assistance available to them, and experts like these, is an important part of that.”

Narconon has provided effective drug education for decades and our curriculum is available for those who ask.

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