Drug Dealers

Drug Dealers

The Singapore death penalty for drug dealers may come under criticism, but on the other side of the argument, it is most likely saving the lives of Singapore citizens.

One drug dealer selling heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or other dangerous drugs can be responsible for countless deaths, yet never be made to take responsibility.   The dealer doesn’t usually have to take responsibility for ruining the lives of persons who wind up in prison either.

This policy will make any dealer think twice.

Encouraging citizens to get through drug treatment also makes a lot of sense.

Drug abuse blights modern societies. That is why many governments are focused on tackling addiction, preventing drug-related crimes and ultimately protecting their populations. Singapore’s tough stand and use of strict laws and stiff penalties against those involved in the drug trade, including capital punishment, have sometimes come under criticism. The comment by Patrick Gallahue and Rick Lines of the International Harm Reduction Association prompted by the trial of a drug trafficker, Yong Vui Kong, and the imposition of the death penalty on him, is a recent instance.

Singapore pursues a comprehensive national strategy to combat the scourge of drugs, comprising a high-profile public education campaign, treatment and rehabilitation of drug offenders, as well as strict laws and stiff penalties against those involved in the drug trade.”


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