New Approach to Drug Rehab

New Approach to Drug Rehab

A new approach to drug rehabilitation shows promise of reducing the suffering caused by drug addiction.

Until recently most drug rehabilitation programs followed a 12 step method of recovery and the key theory for treatment was that addiction was a disease.   Success with new type of drug rehab program is suggesting that the disease theory alone is not a premise for successful treatment.

A biophysical drug rehab program offers an approach that addresses the fact that drug addiction has two main components.  There are the physical cravings or dependency for the drugs themselves and there is the emotional need for them as well.

The theory is that until the body is rid of harmful drug residues and a person can think clearly, addressing issues that underlie addiction can be fruitless.

The Narconon Drug Rehab Program uses this model to effectively deliver successful drug rehabilitation programs to thousands of people every year.

The Narconon Drug Rehab Program is designed to not only get a person off drugs and feeling well, but to return them to society as productive and ethical individuals. To do this the program takes into account several factors for comprehensive relapse prevention.

The program reduces drug cravings by fully cleansing the body of drug residues, and aiding the body in healing itself after the ravages of drug abuse.

However, simply reducing drug cravings does not guarantee the person will not relapse due to life situations that, if unhandled, could cause a drug relapse.

Narconon Program life skills helps an individual develop knowledge and skills necessary to identifying and eradicating the root cause of addiction.  Part of this process involves assisting the client in developing a realistic and workable sense of ethics and responsibility.

The Narconon program takes a person well beyond addiction and teaches them a new way of life.  For that reason it is named the New Life Program.

Narconon does not believe in using one drug to replace the dependence on another.  It uses a 100% natural method for body detoxifications, which effective removes cravings from the addict.

Stable recovery IS achievable.

Narconon will provide free brochures to families who want to know the signs of drug abuse.  We also provide effective addiciton treatment.

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