Substance Abuse Treatment Program Educates Community on Drug Abuse

Drug Education and Prevention

Drug Education and Prevention

Mary Rieser, the Director of Narconon of Georgia, recently appeared on the television show, “Joy In Our Town”, a segment on the popular Trinity Broadcast Network. Hostess Rachel Miller invited Ms. Rieser to educate families about signs of drug abuse.  There are many families struggling with drug or alcohol abuse that need help identifying effective drug abuse programs and sometimes even identifying the basic problem of addiction.

Since many family members are unaware of a loved one’s drug abuse, part of the broadcast was dedicated to signs of drug abuse and detection of drug paraphernalia. Families are often surprised that drug paraphernalia can be purchased at local convenience stores.

“I was surprised myself at how easy it is to get that are used for drug use at the corner convenience store, as well as obvious drug paraphernalia such as drug scales, drug pipes, and marijuana rolling papers,” Ms. Rieser stated. “Many parents would be shocked at the ease that even children can purchase this paraphernalia in the over 3,000 convenience stores in this state. I want this broadcast to open their eyes and get them to demand that the sale of these items be banned. I hope those who discover there is a substance abuser in their life will seek effective long term care at a substance abuse rehab program.”

Narconon is a non-traditional drug abuse treatment program which has been in existence since 1967. While many drug rehab statistics are nebulous, Narconon boasts a 76% success rate (based on a two year follow-up) through a non-12 step drug treatment approach. Key to the program’s success is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This program provides body detoxification through a sauna program that helps eliminate or reduce drug cravings.  After the sauna program, the client learns those life skills essential to success in life and the ability to stay clean.  They graduate from Narconon with a life plan and continued support to make sure they make it.

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  1. janet says:

    i think drug education is essential to families today. thank you for providing it.

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