Before any addict can achieve sobriety, through programs like Narconon, they must first admit they have a problem and have the desire and willingness to change.  Denial is an obstacle many must overcome prior to starting any type of treatment program.  Addiction is a problem that affects people from all walks of life and does not discriminate. There has been a recent surge of stories about professional athletes suffering from addiction.

Detroit Tigers player, Miguel Cabrera, had a recent run in with Florida police causing Tigers management to seek a course of action to help Miguel with his obvious alcohol problem.  Oftentimes, with alcohol abuse, people tend to minimize the severity of the problem because alcohol is legal.  The stigma attached to illicit drug use is not nearly as bad for those abusing alcohol.  This can make it more difficult for family and friends  to get through to the person and have them see the necessity of getting help.

This year, Cabrera didn’t even make it to the opening of camp. He was on his way from his Miami home to Lakeland when his radiator blew. A police deputy saw the smoking car and found Cabrera with, the police report said, the odor of alcohol on his breath, bloodshot and watery eyes and slurred speech. Cabrera, according to the report, even drank from a bottle of Scotch in front of the deputy.

Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said Saturday that Cabrera will meet early next week with a doctor selected jointly by Major League Baseball and the players’ union to determine a course of treatment for Cabrera.

“That shows me that the Tigers are on the right track, doing the right thing (and) Major League Baseball is on the right track, doing the right thing in trying to get through, in some way, to Miguel to find out what he has to do,” Newcombe said.

Newcombe stressed he does not know Cabrera and is not involved in his case and that he is not allowed to intervene with any major-league player.

But Newcombe said big-league players with substance-abuse problems fall into the trap of thinking that because of who they are, people will believe them when they say they don’t have a problem and it “will go away by itself.”

Narconon sources agree with Tigers management and support their efforts to help players with substance abuse issues.  Hopefully they will get through to Cabrera and get him to see he has a problem.

Narconon Drug rehab would give Cabrera the opportunity to handle the physical, emotional and mental aspects of his alcohol problem.

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