Narconon centers around the world know that alcohol is one of the most destructive drugs available today.  Studies showing the harmful effects of the drug exist in abundance and users often feel helpless when faced with the socially acceptable legal drug that is presented to them every time they leave their homes.

Two new studies show that alcohol, long thought of as safer that illegal drugs, is in fact just as deadly as “hard core” drugs.

Alcohol has been ranked the most addictive drug by a recent study.  Alcohol abuse has long been a drug that has flown under the radar because it is legal.  Just because it is legal doesn’t mean that it doesn’t kill or affect others.

British experts evaluated substances including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and marijuana, ranking them based on how destructive they are to the individual who takes them and to society as a whole.

A study conducted in New Zealand has found that a resident’s risk of binge drinking and alcohol-related harms increases with each alcohol-selling outlet located within convenient walking distance of home, the University of Otago reported Oct. 1.  The high availability of alcohol impacts the destructive nature of the drug.

Alcohol hits the blood stream almost immediately and you can be considered intoxicated with just one beer or glass of wine which can become deadly if you get behind the wheel after drinking 1 drink.

Narconon sees families destroyed by a drug that is legal and accepted across the country.

Alcohol doesn’t have to control anyone’s life.  There is always help available and just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that it isn’t deadly.  Alcohol effects the brain, nervous system and liver function.  It is not uncommon to have blood disorders related to alcohol abuse.

Narconon treatment center offers a different approach to alcohol addiction.  We use sauna and education to help overcome the addiction.  Don’t let alcohol ruin your life; think about your health, your family and friends before you take another drink call someone that can help you today!

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