Narconon appreciates its fellows in the field of rehabilitation.  We all have a difficult job to do in a world that seems to be turning into one big drug store.  It’s tough.  It’s tougher when idiots cast stones on our fellows in the field.

The author of this rambling, poorly written and needlessly critical article doesn’t seem to have a clue.   And to label the twelve steps as “infamous”?  Drug rehabs are now “cults”?

Who are the real Kool-Aid drinkers in the bunch?

If you work in the field of drug treatment, don’t take the time to read this article.  You have better things to do today – like saving lives.

“Actor Charlie Sheen is stirring controversy and criticism after delivering an on air rant during an interview on the Alex Jones Show.  During the on air radio rant, Sheen criticized the producer of his hit CBS television sitcom Two and a Half Men, but also made some negative references to Alcoholics Anonymous.  Speaking of his sobriety and the group known for their infamous 12 step program and helping others take their alcohol addictions one day at a time; Sheen described AA as a “bootleg cult.”  Is he right?  You may be surprised to discover that Charlie Sheen isn’t alone in his assumption that Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult.  Also, many drug and alcohol treatment centers have developed into cults, for example Synanon.  So what about Alcoholics Anonymous?

Drugs and Cults: Connected?

Drugs and cults are often connected.  Many cult leaders ranging from Charles Manson to Jim Jones were associated with drugs.  Whether it was using mind altering drugs as a form of control or claiming to cure drug and alcohol addiction, cults and drugs have a long history.  Many testimonies, often given by former cult members, usually involve some form of drug use.  Either drugs were used by the group, by the group’s leader, or the member joined the group to overcome an addiction.”

The staff at Narconon takes offense at any efforts to belittle the intentions and efforts of the few who are trying to right a situation that has gone incredibly wrong in this country.   Fortunately, no one of much importance or sense is jumping on that band wagon.

For those who need drug rehab, Narconon says go – go immediately.   There is effective treatment available.

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