This is a success from a woman who was hopelessly addicted to alcoholAlcohol Addiction when she started attending the Narconon addiction treatment program. She has completed the first phase of the program and this is what she has to say”

“ When I came to Narconon I was depressed, foggy and unable to think beyond one hour at a time. After the communication course I was better able to concentrate and be calm. Learning to face another comfortably was very helpful for me in particular due to a past experience with my family and dealing with the wreckage caused by my drinking problem. The sauna released other things that were helpful. Aches and pains started to go away by the second week. The main positive realization that I had is a motivation and fervor for life that I haven’t felt in years. I am excited to start a new career and I enjoy spending time with my children. I feel so much better prepared to handle adverse situations. Even recently when there have been bumps in the road I have chosen not to drink. I feel more powerful with myself and know that I am the only one who can control my own destiny.”

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