This is part two of the story of a girl we are calling Jenny to protect her identity. Jenny became addicted heroin and got sober through the help of one of the Narconon centers. Last we heard she had just started hanging out with a guy that she had romantic feelings for who started dating her sister while Jenny was also dating someone else.

The relationship that the guy had with Jenny’s sister, soon petered out. One night she and this guy went to a rave together and they both took a lot of ecstasy and got very high. At this point they decided that they were deeply in love with one another and they could not bear to date anyone else. Jenny broke up with her other boyfriend and she and her new boyfriend began to spend even more time together.

That next fall Jenny applied for college and decided that she was going to become a teacher. She did very well in her classes and maintained her waitressing job on the weekends. Her parents financial situation had not really improved at all, so Jenny felt uncomfortable asking for any money for anything that she felt she could pay for herself.

When Jenny was not at work or at class, she was with her boyfriend and they had begun using drugs much more regularly and to larger degrees. Her boyfriend had a job also, but he had no intention of going to school, so when Jenny was busy with her studies, he was busy building his drug habit into an even larger monster.

Jenny said that she knew that her boyfriend used heroin occasionally and would even shoot up, but she said that for the longest time he kept it away from her. She said that after a while he started using it more and more. Jenny said by this time she was using crack cocaine herself as well as powder cocaine and she finally decided that she wanted to try heroin. She told her boyfriend and he told her that he would only let her snort it because he said that shooting it was not going to be an option for her because it was so much more addictive when it was done in that manner.

Jenny started snorting it and then before long she was smoking it as well. She said that she got addicted to heroin very quickly and soon she and her boyfriend were in this sick addiction together. She said that she really loved the feeling of being with him and they had this whole world that was wrapped around their addiction and each other. They truly felt that it was the two of them against the world.

She said that when they first were really officially addicted to drugs, their relationship was in its own sick way good, but after a while it began to deteriorate. She said that they would scheme and plan ways to get more money for more heroin and would take care of each other when they would start to get sick and go through withdrawals. She said that after a while though, the heroin addiction overtook them and they began to become competitive with each other about who was using more dope and who got the shorter end of the heroin shtick.

Jenny Flunks Out

Jenny tried to maintain her grades in school, but she began to miss more and more classes due to her addiction. She would often have to call in “sick” when she was going through withdrawal and her grades began to become effected. She said that a part of her really wanted to finish her degree and strive to make a good like for herself as a teacher, but another part of her really did not care and only cared about her boyfriend and dope. Her boyfriend would tell her to go to school and that she really needed to focus on her studies and that her addiction was obviously ruining her chance at a good life, but the same day he would tell her all that, he would show up at her school to pick her up with a bag of dope ready in hand. She said that his behavior was very confusing for her.

Jenny Gets Sick of Getting Sick

Jenny said that one day her whole perspective changed on her sick relationship with her boyfriend. She said that she had been starting to notice that he cared more about getting himself dope than he did about her and it was really starting to bother her. One morning she woke up and she did not have any heroin and she was really sick. She called her boyfriend and begged him to get her some dope because she was too sick to get it herself. He said that he was with some friends and they were already high and that he was sorry that there was nothing that he could do at that time for her; she would have to handle the situation herself.

Jenny thought of all the times that he had called her under the same circumstances and she had dropped whatever it was that she was doing so that she could take him the “medicine” that he needed to feel better. She thought of all the scams that she had done to support both of their habits and now he was not willing to do anything for her. She needed him and needed heroin desperately and he had some and he was too busy to help her. She became infuriated and decided that she was done with the whole addiction thing. She called her mom asked her to please come get her.

When her mom arrived, Jenny told her everything and that she was sick of being a junkie and that she wanted to go to rehab. Her mother was shocked, but quickly looked around for a place to help her daughter. She found Narconon. That night Jenny called her boyfriend and told him that she was going to go to rehab and begged him to go with her. She said that they could get clean together the same way that they had gotten high together, but he wanted none of it. A part of Jenny regretted her hasty decision; the only thing she wanted to do was to go back to him and get high again. It was too late for that however; she had already told her family about the situation and the cards were already set in motion.

Jenny got away from that guy and went to Narconon. She has now been clean for the past ten years and is doing wonderfully. She is married to a great man who loves her very much and does not just use her as a way to get drugs because he is not a drug addict. She has two beautiful children and a very good job and a very nice house. She says that she looks back on the time of her life when she was an addict and it almost seems like she is watching someone else’s memories. She says that addiction is just not a part of her life anymore and she is doing to the best that she has ever done in her whole life.

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