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Narconon agrees that if the drug treatment methods included in health care reform bills work, then they should be included.  Effective drug treatment means reduction of other health costs. Addiction is expense for the health system.  Addicts get sick, have accidents and in general have poor health habits, which make them risky. Workable solutions would not include years of methadone treatments. Long term these are expensive as there is no end in sight usually and the patients are apt to be less productive than their drug free counter-parts.

Hopefully, with all the billions being proposed for health care, there will be funding available for studies to help determine which modalities would be included in health care plans. Only those with a proven track record should be included. Unfortunately, with vested interest at every turn, an impartial study is unlikely.  However, the concept of providing drug treatment is a good one.  Here is the article:

“Addiction treatment is included in the minimum benefits packages in all three major national healthcare reform bills now being considered by Congress, and each also includes equal coverage of addiction-related services as outlined in the 2008 Wellstone parity bill.

Carol McDaid of Capital Decisions, who lobbies on behalf of addiction treatment and prevention organizations,said that of the five “big buckets” that advocates for addiction services need to fill in the healthcare reform debate, at least these two are being treated favorably by lawmakers, while work still needs to be done on three others — prevention, workforce development, and electronic health records.

“We’re thrilled [addiction treatment is] in at this point,” said Victor Capoccia, Ph.D., director of the Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap (CATG) program, which this week issued a white paper stating that covering addiction treatment services under healthcare reform could make a major contribution to cutting health costs.”

Narconon believes that the ultimate best investment for future generations is in effective drug education and prevention.  Long-term it would dissolve the need for big funding for drug treatment.

Narconon drug rehab is still one of the best solutions for those who need drug rehab and would be a logical choice to be included in any health care bill.

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