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Narconon promotes results oriented treatment and apparently new performance measures have been released for medications used to help people end dependence on opiates and alcohol.  This- according to a recent article in Join Together.

A real test would be how the patient was on the medication used to end the addiction.  So often in treatment we see clients arriving to get help getting off of suboxin or methadone.   They had become addicted to something that was supposed to help them. They originally got on these medications to help kick an opiate habit.  Problem was, the cure was worse than the disease and the addiction more painful.

A permanent switch to more drugs is poor performance in any book, no matter the fancy method of evaluation.  We don’t have to be a population filled with drugs.  Here is the article:

“New performance measures have been released for monitoring the use of medications designed to help patients end their dependence on opioids and alcohol, according to a Jan. 24 press release from The Washington Circle, a policy group focused on improving substance abuse treatment.

The new measures are the first standard set for monitoring use of medications as part of individual treatment plans and are meant to be used in administrative claims and in electronic health records. They are designed to allow treatment providers and health plans to determine whether medications approved by the FDA for treating alcohol and opioid dependence are being prescribed for patients who could benefit from them.

The performance measures were pilot-tested in a Washington Circle study led by Dr. Cindy Parks Thomas of Brandeis University and funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Based on data drawn from Medicaid, private health plans, and the Veteran’s Health Administration, the study found that “medication-assisted treatments were initiated in a timely manner in less than 20 percent of individuals who might benefit.”

Narconon realizes that sometimes medical detox methods are necessary for immediate safety as a client is working to strive towards a drug free life.  However, real freedom comes with no chemical dependence.  The joy of a truly drug free life is surprising to many who have been addicted for years.

Narconon drug rehab promotes that in the end – the best kind of treatment will leave the client drug-free, happy and productive.

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