Boys and Girls Club Children Learn About the Dangers of Drug Use


Drug Education

Drug Education

Narconon of Georgia, a long term drug treatment program, continues to provide drug education to the Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta.  Two hundred and fifty children recently learned about the harmful effects of drugs through a lively presentation of the “Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs.”

The kids learned how drugs affect the mind, make a person slow or stupid, dull the senses and destroy creativity.   They also learned that ecstasy is one of the most dangerous drugs and marijuana is not as innocent as some are led to believe.

Marlon Andrews, director of a Boys and Girls Club applauded Narconon, stating in a recent letter; “As youth-development professionals, we have an obligation to make sure our young people are receiving quality programs that aide them in correcting their bad habits and decision making.  Your program has changed the whole mind set of our  young people. They no longer view drug use as a recreational past time.  This program has taught my teenagers the responsibility of taking care of their bodies, mind, and building healthy relationships with their peers.

Gino Lewis, Community Relations for Narconon of Georgia, stated, “We must stop the decline in our society, caused by drugs now.   In Georgia, about one third of our students reported being offered, sold or given an illegal drug on school property within the past year.  Our children depend on us to shine the light on the truth about drugs and show them a better way.   At Narconon, we know that while we educate kids about the dangers of drugs, we must teach them basic life skills at the same time.  This gives them a more complete recipe on how to live a drug free and prosperous life.”

Narconon of Georgia is a non-traditional drug abuse treatment and education program.   This program provides body detoxification through a sauna and exercise program that helps eliminate or reduce cravings.  After the sauna program, the client learns those life skills essential to success in life and the ability to stay clean.  They graduate from Narconon with a life plan and continued support to make sure they make it in life.


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