Through the years, unfortunately, Narconon has seen a lot of broken individuals walk through the doors.  Many were once successful contributing members of society.   Consumed by addiction, their verve and vigor were destroyed and so were they.

With the end user of most addictions there is some kind of crime.  People on drugs do stupid things.  They make mistakes in their daily affairs and they often break laws to maintain their habit.   The question is –who are the real criminals in such a sad case as Danny Hecker?  Every time a productive member of society is taken down, we all lose.  Danny wouldn’t have become addicted unless someone was helping him get drugs initially.  Once he got a taste of them, he wanted more.  He paid a high price, but so did the rest of us.  This sad article tells the tale of just not one man, but many.  It also predicts a future for many more, unless the real culprits are held accountable.

“MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Fallen auto mogul Denny Hecker publicly admitted his struggles with drug addiction a week before his sentencing in federal court.

While some said they feel the timing of the disclosure is questionable and Hecker’s own attorneys said his addictions are not a defense, there is a chance the admission will play a part in the coming proceedings.

Hecker faces a potential of 10 years in federal prison after his one-man car crash two years ago became a metaphor for a life spinning out of control.

In his wrecked SUV, police found envelopes stuffed with cash and bottles of prescription drugs. Toxicology reports showed he was on six different drugs at the time, including painkillers like morphine, stimulants like amphetamine and anti-anxiety drugs.”

Narconon believes that once productive individuals can be treated and returned to society again as productive individuals.  Our society really cannot afford to lose any of its giants and when they need help, we need to help them if possible.

Narconon drug rehab remains one of the best programs.  Its drug free and natural methods make it easy for its graduates to continue to live drug free and productive lives.

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