Interviews with Recovering Addicts Reveals Broken Lives

Narconon of Georgia, a long term drug treatment center, just announced the release of a new educational video which features individuals from all walks of life who have been the victims of drug abuse.

The purpose of this video is to educate the public on the effects of drug addiction. Interviews of persons attending the Narconon non-traditional drug rehab reveal the devastating effects of drug addiction and the struggles to overcome it.
“My life was out of control, and I was,” states one of the participants. “I lost all sense of reality and all sense of happiness.” Another recovering addict added, “It destroyed my life, it destroyed my marriage, it destroyed every single hope that I had for life.”

Drug addiction destroys not only the addict’s life but also the people and communities around them. Mary Rieser, the Executive Director of Narconon of Georgia, has been working with recovering drug addicts for 11 years. “Many people don’t realize the damage one addicted person can inflict. For every person addicted to heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine, there is a circle of family members, friends, and community members who also suffer. Addiction, whether through personal physical damage, loss of income, theft, or death affects us all.  In communities across the nation most reported crimes are drug related.  The work forces of some surrounding communities have diminished due to drug addiction to the point where some work has been sent oversees, due to the inability of locals to pass drug tests.”

Ms. Rieser stated, “Let’s get real – the war on drugs isn’t working.  As a society we must decide where to put our resources in order to effectively deal with addiction. Education and increased awareness of the drug problem, along with effective drug abuse treatment are the only way we can deal with this problem. We hope this video will increase awareness of how problematic drug addiction can be.  We want those who are on drugs to know that there is hope.  For those who are not using drugs, we intend to send the message – ‘Don’t start.  Life is hell for the drug addict.’”

The new release can be viewed on the Narconon of Georgia website.

Narconon is a non-traditional drug abuse treatment program which was founded in 1967.  Narconon of Georgia was founded in 2001.  While many drug rehab statistics are nebulous, Narconon boasts a 76% success rate (based on a two year follow-up) through a non-12 step drug treatment program.  This program provides body detoxification through a sauna and exercise program that helps eliminate or reduce cravings.  After the sauna program, the client learns those life skills essential to success in life and the ability to stay clean.  They graduate from Narconon with a life plan and continued support to make sure they make it.

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