Narconon is one of the most effective drug rehabilitation programs that is available to date. The reason for this is because Narconon approaches addiction in a way that is completely different than any other program available. Narconon drug rehab does not approach addiction as a disease; but rather as a disability. What is meant by this is that when a person does not possess the abilities that are needed to succeed and handle life and the problems that go along with it they are much more likely to possess what is known as an addictive personality. People use drugs usually because they have some type of pain, whether it is physical or mental, that they are trying to numb.

When a person has many problems in their life and they do not know how to handle them or feel ill-equipped to handle them, they will often feel very badly about themselves and their life. Because of this they often self-medicate and use drugs to hide from unwanted feelings of unhappiness and self-doubt. The more drugs that the person uses, the less likely they are to handle their own problems. Drugs often give a person a feeling of instant gratification and reward as well as continuous distraction from life in general. Before long the person’s biggest problem is the fact that they cannot get off of drugs. In reality if the person learns how to handle the reasons that they got started using drugs in the first place; all the problems and emotions that they ran from by using drugs, their desire to use drugs will cease to exist.

In dual diagnosis centers this tendency to self-medicate in drug addicts is acknowledged; however most dual diagnosis centers prescribed more drugs or different drugs as a way to fight the person’s depression which is in essence fighting fire with fire. People who are suffering from depression or bi-polar disorder are often shown to use drugs as a way to combat these feelings. PTSD drug abuse is also common. The fact of the matter is however people feel depressed or suffer from depression for a reason usually. It is often because they have overwhelming situations in their life that they do not know how to handle.

The Narconon Program; Teaching People How to Come Up With Their Own Solutions

The Narconon program consists of a series of life skill building courses that are designed to teach a person how to take care of themselves. Below is a list of the Narconon course and the purpose behind each one.

  • · Book one is a communication course that is designed to help a person learn how to communicate effectively with others. This course also teaches a person how to confront difficult emotions while communicating. Most people who suffer from addiction have very poor communication skills and have trouble communicating about anything uncomfortable. Instead of communicating, drug addicts hide from their problems by getting high. This course will help the Narconon student to communicate effectively with staff to ensure a smoother road and more successful program.
  • · Book Two- Narconon New Life Detoxification Program-this portion of the program is designed to eliminate any vitamin deficiencies as well as help a person’s body flush out any toxins or drug metabolites that may be stored in their fatty tissue. It has been shown that about 80% of the people who finish this portion of the program say that they feel physically and mentally better than they have since they first started using drugs. Many people also say after finishing this portion of the program, they no longer suffer from physical cravings.
  • · Book 3 – this is a basic learning improvement course. It teaches a person successful study skills that will help them to really understand and assimilate information that they are studying as opposed to just memorizing facts to pass a test. This will help the person in the remainder of their program as well as help them any time that they come across new information that they wish to learn.
  • · Book 4-book 4 is separated into two parts. The first part of this course is similar to book one but at a more advanced level. The person will practice what they learned in book 1 and perfect their techniques for emotional control and their ability to confront problems. The person actually learns how to confront their own problems while staying calm and not becoming overwhelmed with negative emotion. The second part of this course is called Narconon objectives. This part of the program will help the person to live life in the present as opposed to staying mentally stuck in past moments of pain or pleasure. This will help the person to be able to look at their life more objectively and see what solutions are available to them in the present.
  • · Book 5 – Ups and Downs in Life Course. This course teaches the person the characteristics of the social and antisocial personality. This course will help the person to realize what people in their life will be a positive influence on them and actually help them to succeed and what other people will do nothing but bring them down and cause chaos in their life. They will also learn how to communicate with antisocial personalities in a way that will prevent the antisocial personality from bringing them down. At this point they will also decide which people they need to avoid and cut communication with and which people will be good for them to have in their life.
  • · Book Six- Personal Values and Integrity Course. At this point the person will take responsibility and come to terms with antisocial acts that they committed, usually due to their addiction. This particular course is similar to the 12 steps personal inventory. This will help the person take responsibility without justifying any of their misdeeds. It will also help them to proceed with the rest of their life with a clean slate.
  • · Book 7 – Changing conditions in life course. At this point in the person’s program the person will take a look at all aspects of their life and assess the damage that’s been done in each area. They will also formulate a plan on how to begin to repair the damage that was done. They will learn techniques that they will be able to carry with them throughout the rest of their life.
  • · Book 8 – in this course the person will learn a basic set of moral guidelines to live by. These guidelines could be compared to the 10 Commandments, however they are not religious so anyone can live by them. Many drug addicts have long since forgotten any moral code that they originally learned when they were younger if they had ever learned one at all. In this course the person will actually see how living a moral and ethical life actually insures success and how good people really do prosper.

The last thing that a person does in the Narconon program is make a plan for when they leave. They will figure out where they’re going to live and if they need to go back to school or get a new job whatever their particular circumstances call for. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction please call Narconon today and get the answers you’re looking for. Kind compassionate and knowledgeable counselors are always available to take your call.

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