Narconon has been railing against “bath salts” since we learned about them.  “Bath salts” are not bath salts at all, but synthetic drugs that kids take or snort in order to have a high that is similar to methamphetamine or cocaine.

One mother  almost lost her son after he used bath salts.  He recovered after three days in intensive care and is now in treatment, but Idaho got the message and the legislative body quickly introduced a bill making them illegal.  Hopefully the bill is on the fast track to get passed.  There would be no reason at all not to pass it.  Even a “bath salt’ lobbyist shouldn’t’ have much they could say about the situation.  This stuff is dangerous.  Here is the article.

“BOISE — A bill was brought to the House Judiciary and Rules Committee Monday to ban the sale and use of synthetic, designer drugs, specifically referred to as “bath salts.”

Office of Drug Policy director Debbie Field introduced the bill Monday.

“This is something I really do believe we need to act on and help protect our citizens,” said Field.

The concern is that the chemicals in bath salts have the same effects of methamphetamine, ecstasy or cocaine when smoked, injected or eaten.

The committee unanimously agreed to print the bill, which means in just a few weeks these synthetic drugs, like bath salts could be made illegal in Idaho.

One Treasure Valley mom has been keeping a close eye on this legislation.  She knows all too well the dangers of bath salts.

“If you haven’t heard of them, I hope you don’t have to see somebody on these because it’s horrible,” said a mom who did not want to be identified.

She says her 19-year-old son almost died after snorting bath salts, which aren’t salts for your bath at all, but rather a dangerous hallucinogenic”

Narconon keeps on top of all the latest trends in the unfortunate world of addiction.  Whether its bath salts, K2, or prescription meds, you can count on us to stay on top of the facts.

Narconon drug rehab remains the best answer to helping those with an addiction problem to almost any drug.

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