Narconon approaches addiction not as a disease but as disability. The founder of Narconon, a man by the name of Willy Benitez said that the main reason why some people become addicted to mind altering substances is because they do not know how to handle the problems that they face in their life. They will think about something that is bothering them and instead of trying to figure out a solution for their problem, they avoid the problem altogether by getting high. They use drugs as a way to escape anything that is uncomfortable for them to deal with. Willy also said that if you teach the person the tools that they need to handle their problems they will not need to use drugs or alcohol to escape their problems anymore.

For a long time society looked upon addicts as degenerative criminals that had nothing to offer the world. It was not until the Alcohol Abuse DSM reference came out that society as a whole realized that addicts and alcoholics might actually need help with their addiction. Narconon does not go by the school of thought that addiction is a disease that is incurable. Yes, many addicts get themselves into a situation where they need help to get out of it, but given the right help they can overcome their problems and become responsible for themselves. The point is not to feel sorry for an addict and go into agreement with the idea that they really are not responsible for their own actions because they are suffering from a disease, but instead help the person take responsibility for themselves and their own actions. At this point the person will stop putting themselves into situations that will cause them more problems and they will be able to fix the problems that they already have.

For people who are responsible or close with someone who is suffering from addiction, it often feels like the person is just a source of trouble and confusion. It is often easy for someone that loves someone who is addicted to pick up slack for them and fix many problems that are self-created. Although it can often feel like the person needs help with their life, this mindset can actually lead to enabling the person’s addiction. Addiction and the problems that go along with it should not be tolerated. For someone who is dealing with someone else who’s suffering from addiction, the very best thing that they can do for themselves, as well as the addict, is insist that the person seeks the help and treatment that they need. If they do not, they are constantly going to be bombarded with problems that someone else created.

How the Narconon Program Works

The Narconon program is non-traditional, individualized, long-term treatment. When a person attends this program they are not call a patient, but rather a student. This is because the person is there to learn the tools that they need to take responsibility for themselves, their own problems and their own life. Narconon is a series of self-cognitive and life skills building courses that are designed to do just that.

When a person first arrives at the Narconon program they will be brought into what’s called Orientation or Withdraw depending on which center they attend. If the person needs to go through physical detox upon arriving they will do that at this point. During this time they are segregated for most of the day from the rest of the group. This is also the time where they will see the doctor if they need to go through withdraw medically supervised. People usually spend anywhere from three days to two weeks in withdraw or orientation.

Once they are ready, they will start Book One. Book One is a simple communication course where the person will practice communicating effectively, as well as learn techniques to help them regain control over their emotions. This will help them while they do the rest of the program when they may face uncomfortable issues. Once a person has finished this course, they will then go on to the Narconon New Life Detoxification portion of the program. This will help them to rid their body any accumulated drug metabolites that may have become stored in their fatty tissue during their addiction. The people who finish this portion of the program say that they feel a remarkable decrease in cravings as well as a remarkable increase in clarity of mind. This will help them to face other issues that they need to deal with without being distracted from drug cravings or clouded thinking. The rest of the program consists of a series of courses. They are as follows:

  • · Book Three is a learning improvement course that will teach the student how to study effectively and really learn the information that they are going over as opposed to just memorizing it to pass the test. This will help them throughout the rest of their program because the rest of the program consists mainly of studying.
  • · Book Four is a communication course that is similar to the first one that is done in the beginning of the program, but it is done at a higher and more difficult level. This course will help a person get to the point where they are really able to communicate effectively with other people. There are many problems that can be solved with effective communication. In this course the person will also do exercises that will help them to fully operate in the present. Many addicts get stuck in the past and this can hinder them from being able to see solutions that are right in front of their face
  • · Book Five teaches the person the difference between the social and antisocial personality. It will help them come to terms with situations in their life that could have been affected by an antisocial personality. It will also give them the tools to deal with such people in a positive way that will prevent them from bringing them down. It is at this point that they will also decide which people in their life they probably do not need to have any more contact with. It will also to help them see which people will be beneficial for them to stay in contact with.
  • · Book Six is actually similar to the personal inventory that one does in the 12 steps program. It is at this point that the person will take full responsibility for any misdeeds that they committed without blaming anyone else or their addiction. By fully taking responsibility for these actions the person will begin to see that their problems are self-created, and it will also give them the power needed to fix these problems and not create more in the future.
  • · Book Seven encourages a person to take a look at all aspects of their life and see what damage was done to each area as a result of their addiction. The person will also take a look at what needs to be done to repair this damage. The person will also learn the tools needed to be able to continually improve all areas of life from here on out.
  • · Book Eight is an applicable guide of morals. Many addicts do not have a moral guideline to go by and if they ever did it has long since been forgotten. This course will actually teach the person why living with high moral standards and ethics will actually help them to succeed in life.

The person will then make a plan of what they are going to do once they graduate. If they want to go back to school or they need to find another place to live; all this will be mapped out in their exit plan. Some people decide to stay on and train to help other people overcome their addictions through the Narconon program.

Narconon Centers have one of the highest success rates in the world at 76%. If you are suffering from an addiction, please do not despair. There is hope for a brighter future. Please call Narconon of Georgia today. And empathetic and knowledgeable counselor is waiting to answer any questions you may have.

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