Again, Narconon is learning about a “new disturbing trend” as described in the article below.  The article is about bath salts and the fact that people are getting poisoned and going crazy as they try to get high off the stuff.  What’s more, they can buy it legally.

There will always be disturbing trends, and society at large has mechanisms to put them in check.  However, the most alarming “new disturbing trend” is that the US Drug Administration seems to be slow on the trigger for this type of thing.  We had to live through the K2 nightmare (and still are – there is plenty for sale).  Now we learn that there are no plans to ban this substance that is causing people to poison themselves.

Are we living in a world where there are so many substances like K2 and bath salts in the water supply that nobody can think anymore?

Parents, watch out for your kids on this one – no one else apparently is.

“There’s a new, disturbing trend among those who like to experiment with the latest, legal way to get high. Powders known as “bath salts” are causing hundreds of calls to Poison Control Centers across the U.S. The bath salts are said to be as powerful as abusing methamphetamine or cocaine.

Three weeks ago, the state of Louisiana outlawed, by emergency order, the main active components of bath salts – mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also known as MDPV. This act was performed by Gov. Bobby Jindal after Louisiana Poison Control Centers received 125 calls regarding the abuse of bath salts between October and December of 2010. Louisiana authorities linked two suicides to bath salts.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the ingredients of bath salts are not those that would commonly be used in baths. In fact, the substances are sold under various brand names, most of which sound anything like a relaxing soak, including White Lightning, Cloud 9 and Hurricane Charlie.”

Although the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has listed MDPV as a drug of concern and is studying the drug, the agency currently has no plans to ban the substance. Therefore, bath salts will continue to be readily available in outlets that include convenience stores, smoke shops, gas stations and various websites. The powder is available for just $25 for a half gram in some places.

As Narconon learns more about this substance and others, we will keep you posted so you can keep your friends and family safe.

Narconon drug rehab is here to help for anyone who is abusing this stuff and is not yet in a psychiatric institution or is still alive.

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