Narconon recently learned that a Walmart employee was fired for using medical marijuana.  Though it is controversial, marijuana IS the gateway drug and it is important that a large corporation like Walmart is not perceived as taking a positive stand on marijuana.    Whether legal or not, marijuana impairs perception.  Additionally, Walmart is an all American store and can’t send the message to kids that pot is OK.  This message can extend beyond an employee’s need for marijuana.

Perhaps this gentleman should use another kind of medication, so as to not put Walmart in the position of having to make a public statement about marijuana.   Here is the article:

“A federal judge in Michigan has ruled that Wal-Mart was within its rights to fire an employee for using medical marijuana to treat an inoperable brain tumor, The Wall Street Journal’s law blog reported Feb. 11.

Judge Robert Jonker ruled that although state law “protected licensed users from arrest,” according to The Wall Street Journal, employers still had the right to fire employees for drug use.

The employee, 30-year-old Joseph Casias, said that he did not use marijuana on the job. He was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which said it would appeal Jonker’s ruling. “A choice between adequate pain relief and gainful employment is an untenable one,” the organization said in a statement.

Wal-Mart policy requires employees injured on the job to undergo a drug test, Reuters reported Feb. 11. Casias was tested after he hurt his knee at work. He began working at the Wal-Mart in Battle Creek, Mich. in 2004 and had been named Associate of the Year. “

Narconon promotes drug education for kids and has given thousands of lectures about marijuana.  For years, studies have shown pot to be a gateway drug to other drugs.  Whether legal or not, it can lead to bigger problems down the road.   We will continue to educate kids on the TRUTH about marijuana.

Narconon drug rehab is the answer for those who have smoked too much pot or for those who used pot as a gateway to other drugs and are now addicted.

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