Paintsville Kentucky

Kentucky has had its share of problems with prescription drug medication as Narconon reported earlier.   Drugs from pain clinics in Florida were making their way to Kentucky a few years ago and unfortunately, a few people died.   Kentucky learned a lesson and now, according to this article, when pain clinics try to open, officials are saying NO.   Here is the article:

“PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Six Kentucky counties have either banned certain types of pain clinics or are considering doing

Some eastern Kentucky officials are hoping to send a message of “Keep Out” to pain clinics that hand out prescriptions with little examination, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Officials say they are fearful allowing the clinics would put more pills into an area already crippled by prescription-drug abuse.

Four counties — Knott, Carter, Morgan and Greenup — have already approved ordinances banning pain clinics. Officials in Johnson and Owsley counties are looking at putting more limits on such clinics.

Some of the counties don’t have clinics and say they hope to keep them away.

“I guess the ordinance is more of a preventive measure,” said Morgan County Judge-Executive Tim Conley.

Narconon has seen prescription drug abuse spiral out of control as evidenced by the many individuals, from all walks of life, who walk into Narconon addicted.   This drug abuse is often more complicated to treat and requires more medical intervention at the beginning of treatment, as many prescription drug abusers are on several medications at one time.  It is an oddity that when drug addicts got their drugs primarily from the street, the addiction tended to be to one drug (even if other drugs were used).  Now, with pain clinic doctors acting as passive pushers, a person might walk in addicted to more than one drug and resultant complications.

Narconon drug rehab works with local medical doctors to ensure that clients get the medical assistance they need before enrolling into the Narconon program.   Once a person is safely withdrawn from a drug, then the Narconon program takes them to the point where they can live a drug free life comfortably.  Getting individuals off drugs and to the point where they never want to go back is the best way to say NO to the pain clinics and these quack doctors that work at them.

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