Unfortunately, Narconon sees both sides of bullying.   Often those who bully are drug abusers and some who have been bullied resort to drugs as an attempt to alleviate the emotional and sometimes physical discomfort associated with being attacked.  Attacks can be verbal, physical or sometimes both.

This article in Join Together refers to a study in Science Daily that found that victims of bullying often resort to drugs.   If we could only take drugs out of the equation all together, it is likely that there would be less bullying altogether, and the bullying that did occur would be less violent.

Through the ages, kids have picked on each other and this will likely be the case unless there is some kind of unforeseeable golden age.  Kids get through adolescence somehow and go on to lead their lives.  They learn that being the most popular kid in school was not so important after all.    However, bullying has taken on a sinister side, with some of it even being portrayed on You Tube.  Add drugs to the picture and you have the recipe for violence.

“Although being a victim of bullying increases teen depression regardless of gender, a new study found it puts girls at additional risk for substance use, Science Daily reported on Jan. 19.

Investigators led by Jeremy Luk, a Ph.D. candidate in child psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle, examined cross-sectional data from the 2005/2006 Health Behaviors in School-Aged Children (HBSC) survey, a questionnaire given to students in grades 6 through 10 to assess health and well-being in a social context. Roughly 1,500 U.S. students participated in the survey.

The researchers found that, while depression was linked to bullying in both boys and girls, it also increased the risk for

Narconon does its best to provide drug prevention and education to as many youth as is possible with the limited resources that we have.   However, our organization can’t do it alone.  It is going to take national effort to fix this national epidemic.

In the meanwhile, Narconon drug rehab is one of the best solutions for those who resort to drugs as a result of being bullied or for those who bully because they are high.

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